Hi, I’m Ernest Vilchez, this is my wife, Cora. I’d like to take just a moment to talk about an opportunity to reach people in a unique way. The Lord used loaves and fishes in the 1st century to open the doors to teach about something they needed greater than just a fish sandwich. We have a fish sandwich that is opening great doors for the advancement of the Kingdom.

My wife and I live in the Philippines an island located in the western pacific. There are close to 8 billion people in the world but only 117,000,000 of those are on our island. Every one of those people will face the Lord one day. We are doing our best to help prepare those around us to be confident that they can stand before the Lord redeemed on judgment day.

We are reaching our community right now and this is how we’re doing it. When you call your cell phone company or the cable company and you get somebody in India, we know the frustration when you can’t understand them, or they really struggle to help you. Everyone else understands this too. The growth in the call center industry, as a whole is creating a record number of jobs in the Philippines. (talk about the numbers that they are moving to in the). This is our fish sandwich. This is affording our communities new economic opportunities, only if they have the skills that they need to get the jobs that the world is demanding. My wife and I, with the local church, have established a training course, we provide the training that can push them to the top of candidacy for the jobs they seek, for free. We have a call center training facility that teaches people how to do these types of jobs. We teach people so they can be successful in their job, providing for their families and improving their economic situation. However, we’re motivated by this one factor we want to go to heaven, and we want them to go with us. Every training session starts with a bible study and students are required to attend the assemblies of the church. They are learning the most important things they need, and that’s how to go to heaven. They’ll learn about God’s plan to save us, about the church and understanding the Bible as a whole. Real success isn’t measured in fish sandwiches we give out but in how many people we’re reaching with the Gospel.

My wife and I support ourselves with my retirement funds and will continue to do that. Because of our success we have reached a point where we’ve outgrown our facilities. We need your help in order to grow.

Please give us an opportunity to come talk to you about what we are doing in depth and involve you in the work in the Philippines.

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