Our Ministries

We desire to CONNECT in many ways.

Our number one desire in life is to be connected to the blood of Christ (John 14:6). This is not our only aim; we also seek to connect others to His word. We aspire to connect with others through faith, friendship, and fellowship in order to connect others to the Truth of the gospel from God’s Word (John 8:32). We want to give you a taste of how you can become connected to the body of Christ at Kensington Woods.

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A Stronger Faith

Just like the New Testament church, we at KW have a fervent desire to GROW in many ways. Growing in God’s Word and growing closer to Christ are our focused aspirations. We want to connect to God’s Word properly to grow our spiritual relationship with Christ. We also wish to grow closer to our brothers and sisters in Christ, and ultimately grow Christ’s church together.
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Men’s Community Breakfast

The third Saturday of every month at 8am we have a breakfast free of charge for men in the community. We encourage our members to come and to bring a friend with them, we want a chance to connect with them. Come join us and check the calendar for any changes.
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We provide transportation to the services and assembly of the church on Sunday morning only. If you would like transportation, please call the Church’s number and press the option for transportation or you can contact us to request a pick up.
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Benevolence is showing goodwill toward others; acting in another person’s best interest.  Just as Jesus wanted to see changed lives as a result of His help, Kensington Woods Church of Christ’s Benevolence Program seeks to address spiritual as well as financial needs.  Our primary focus is to help you get to Heaven. We seek to aid those requesting help in one or more of the following ways: Spiritual guidance and growth Sharing God’s guidance in financial planning Referral to other…

NexTech Academy

There are several instances throughout the Bible that tell a story of normal people making an impact. For example, Dorcas is a lady mentioned only one time. This sister is mentioned as someone who is full of good deeds. When she gets sick and dies, they wouldn’t let her stay dead. When she dies, the local ladies bring the garments that she was making for widows and use them as a reason for the Apostle Peter to raise her from…

Unscripted Podcast with Chris and Bob

Jesus was the king of conversations. From the woman at the well, to the multitudes by the sea, private conversations with His disciples, the religious elite, kings, governors, widows, the rich, poor, sick, broken, and His own mother, Jesus taught us how to communicate.   His life was written down but was unscripted. Today we have the recipe to salvation, the road map to heaven, and while Jesus is the only one to follow and pursue, our lives are full of…

College Ministry

Welcome to the Southern Christian Student Center located at 3500 Montague Boulevard on the campus of the University of Southern Mississippi. The SCSC is owned and operated by the Kensington Woods Church of Christ with oversight of the shepherds. At the SCSC our mission is to fortify the faith of college students, edify one another, and evangelize campus. As a dynamic campus ministry, we are dedicated to fostering a supportive Christian environment where students can flourish spiritually, support each other,…
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Youth Ministry (6th – 12th Grades)

From large events to living rooms, and summer camps to Bible class, KW Youth desires to elevate Jesus and each other. We desire to have an environment where it is safe to be you when you show up, and more like Jesus when you leave. The 3 E’s drive our Youth @ KW – Education, Edification, and Evangelism. In other words, we want to learn more, build more, and spread more of the good news about Jesus. We wrap a…
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Children’s Ministry (Nursery – 5th Grade)

In addition to classes on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, we have events planned throughout the year for children and parents in our Children’s Ministry to interact with each other. Our monthly activities and devotionals make a fun and energetic space for children to grow in their knowledge of the Lord and relationships with one another! There is always room for you! Please email questions to
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Serve One Another

In addition to connecting to God and growing spiritually. We strive to utilize our efforts of connecting and growing so that we may SERVE. Our service to God is vital in order to connect others to Christ and to help them grow a relationship with Him. We aim to serve God, the church, and our fellow man.
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Bed Ministry

“If you have nothing with which to pay, why should your bed be taken from under you?” – Pro 22:27 The less fortunate or those that have fallen on hard times suffer in many ways.  Lack of food, shelter and clothing being the first signs.  God forgets not the poor Ps 9:18 “for the needy shall not be forgotten, and the hope of the poor shall not perish forever”.  Children of these families often see and feel the effect of…