Bed Ministry

Bed Ministry

“If you have nothing with which to pay, why should your bed be taken from under you?” – Pro 22:27

The less fortunate or those that have fallen on hard times suffer in many ways.  Lack of food, shelter and clothing being the first signs.  God forgets not the poor Ps 9:18 “for the needy shall not be forgotten, and the hope of the poor shall not perish forever”.  Children of these families often see and feel the effect of these hardships.  At KW we strive to provide a bed to any child that is sleeping on the floor so that they can rest their minds from the struggles of these hard times.  KW works with area agencies and fields individual request to search for those that need this assistance.

Once a bed is requested it is built of sturdy materials and assembled in the home.  These beds come with a frame, comforter, sheets, pillow and pillowcase, mattress, Bible, and a stuffed animal. These physical comforts go a long way to relieving the body of its pains.

At KW we not only focus on the physical needs we strive to build the spiritual foundation also.  The contacts made with the bed grow through love and nurturing of the child and families.  We show them that they are not in this struggle called life alone and that we all have hit hard times and can, with the help of the church, come out to the other side stronger and understand the hope that is Jesus Christ.

This is a new evangelism ministry and we have had success with this program in getting children off the floor and the families into the church.  We have placed many beds in the community and are always looking for ways to reach more people.  If you need a bed or know someone who does please contact the KW church.