NexTech Academy

NexTech Academy

There are several instances throughout the Bible that tell a story of normal people making an impact. For example, Dorcas is a lady mentioned only one time. This sister is mentioned as someone who is full of good deeds. When she gets sick and dies, they wouldn’t let her stay dead. When she dies, the local ladies bring the garments that she was making for widows and use them as a reason for the Apostle Peter to raise her from the dead so she can continue her ministry.

What’s the moral of this story? Normal people can do things that are so impactful for their community that the community absolutely can’t be without them.

The Kensington Woods Church of Christ wants to be that impactful, and one of the ways that we are asking how and then answering is with our NexTech Academy. With a certain lack of skilled tradesmen in the workforce and the future holding the same projections, we are going to use this to serve the Lord and the community. We provide free, to the community, vocational training in precision machining, welding, principles of engineering, and robotics.

Each class begins with a Bible study, in an environment where our students can learn the gospel and obey it, and how to defend their faith in an environment in which they will need to do that, the workplace.

We’re excited about the possibilities of this as we gain notoriety in our community, and the industry on a national level. What a blessing to serve our God in such a way and we would love to have you be a part and to join us in this effort to serve in a way that most people might never consider.

Please watch our video and if you have any questions contact Chris Donovant at 434-944-4262 or email

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