At KW we desire to CONNECT in many ways. Our number one desire in life is to be connected to the blood of Christ (John 14:6). This is not our only aim; we also seek to connect others to His word. We aspire to connect with others through faith, friendship, and fellowship in order to connect others to the Truth of the gospel from God’s Word (John 8:32). This website is meant to give you a taste of how you can become connected to the body of Christ at Kensington Woods.


Just like the New Testament church, we at KW have a fervent desire to GROW in many ways. Growing in God’s Word and growing closer to Christ are some of our focused aspirations. We want to connect to God’s Word properly to grow our spiritual relationship with Christ. We also wish to grow closer to our brothers and sisters in Christ, and ultimately grow Christ’s church together.


In addition to connecting to God and growing spiritually. We strive to utilize our efforts of connecting and growing so that we may SERVE. Our service to God is vital in order to connect others to Christ and to help them grow a relationship with Him. We aim to serve God, the church, and our fellow man.

Children's Ministry

Our KW children’s ministry is not too big, not too small. We welcome visitors! In addition to classes on Sunday morning and Wednesday evening, we have events planned throughout the year for children to interact with each other.

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Youth Ministry

From large events to living rooms, and summer camps to bible class, KW Youth desires to Elevate Jesus and each other. We desire to have an environment where it is safe to be you when you show up, and more like Jesus when you leave. The 3 E’s drive our YOUTH @ KW, Education, Edification, and Evangelism. In other words, we want to learn more, build more, and spread more of the good news about Jesus. We wrap a balance of all 3 into our time together, and want you to join us soon.

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College Ministry

With the two universities and two community colleges in the area, our congregation has a very active college group. We maintain the Southern Christian Student Center on the campus of Southern Miss. Activities at the SCSC include Tuesday Night Dinner and Devos, weekend retreats and service projects. 

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Adult Ministry

Kensington Woods Church of Christ offers many different ways for adults to connect, grow, and serve including marriage retreats, men’s and ladies’ retreats, small groups and care groups, and a variety of different ways to fellowship with members.

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